3 Ways Security Cameras Benefit Your Self-Storage Facility

One self-storage facility owner in Oklahoma experienced over $50K worth of equipment stolen in a matter of five months, according to KOCO news. The worst part is that the thieves executed their plans in broad daylight, despite locks on the gates.

Until he installed multiple security cameras, this Oklahoma businessman was bleeding green dollar bills in the form of ladders, trailers, and even a dump truck. However, his proactive stance seemed to “declare war” on the criminals. Not only did the footage put local authorities hot on the criminals’ trail, but it also safeguarded the self-storage facility for future business.

This particular Oklahoma headline drives home how vulnerable self-storage facilities are without preventive security measures. But here’s how security cameras can change all of that.

1. Deters Thieves

Few criminals are 100 percent fearless, which is good for you. When locks, signs, or even the revealing sunlight doesn’t cut it, it’s time to turn technical. No matter which way you look at it, getting caught doing something wrong is an innate fear inside of most individuals—including thieves. 

By installing security cameras, you trigger that natural fear in what is known as the deterrence effect. Plenty of criminals are terrified of having their guilty mug caught on camera, or at least have enough sense to move on to a target that doesn’t have cameras. This feeling is so intense that most individuals will avoid getting caught rather than going through with the theft.

2. Alerts Authorities

Although the Oklahoma businessman notified local authorities, the police were mostly powerless to locate any thieves with only a missing items report. However, security cameras put a new twist on the situation by offering time, strategy, and the physical demeanor of the criminals. Armed with this information, ending the string of robberies was well within grasp. 

3. Appeals to Customers

Remember, what appeals to customers doesn’t always seem as alluring to criminals. For example, a self-storage facility that markets itself as “equipped with security cameras” won’t look as charming to someone who wants to break into it. 

But for honest customers looking for a safe place to stash their goods, video cameras are an amenity that will make them more likely to rent a storage unit from you. Promoting the fact that you have security cameras installed is a great way to market your facility to security conscious consumers.