How to Use Technology to Retain More Self-Storage Customers

Winning customers is one thing, but keeping those customers around for the long haul is another challenge. This post covers how self-storage facility owners can improve their customer relationship management by offering various conveniences. 


For starters, modern-day society appreciates easy and safe payment methods. Checks and large cash transactions are no longer as popular as they once were. Most consumers are tech-driven and desire quick clicks to accomplish the most sophisticated tasks. 

For example, if a tenant finds it too inconvenient to make their monthly payment to your company, they might go elsewhere. According to the Federal Reserve’s 2019 study, the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, 42% of consumers opted to use a debit card as their payment method. 

However, thanks to digitization and the 2020 global pandemic, digital wallets, and other methods are catching on quickly. No matter what payment option you offer to your customers, they need to be online and tech-enabled

In-App Notifications

Besides online payment methods, consumers frequently wish their customer experience to be hassle-free, interactive — and enjoyable. While websites are still necessary as an online base for your business, mobile apps are swiftly becoming deal-makers and breakers. 

According to Statista, there were 218 billion mobile downloads worldwide in 2020. Tools, communication, and travel are among the most popular apps, to name a few. Naturally, the self-storage industry falls in the category of markets benefitting from in-app purchases and notifications. 

Remember that you don’t have to hire a developer or develop an app yourself to maintain more self-storage customers. Plenty of software exists that you can use to run your business. Not only is this type of software generally easy to use, but it’s an excellent investment in your self-storage company

Online Applications and Reservations

Websites and apps provide user-friendly services, such as tenant screening, applications, and reservations. These options prevent prospects from having to make numerous phone calls, fill out paperwork, and visit your facility in person. Plus, as an owner, you no longer have to upkeep a spacey brick-and-mortar office or mounds of paper files. 

Although not every home in the United States has a reliable internet connection, most individuals in the US have access to an electronic device and internet. Consider that 97% of Americans own a cell phone, while 85% own a smart device. Cafes, colleges, libraries, and more organizations, offer free or budget-friendly internet access. What this means for self-storage facility owners is that online is the place to be.

The Digital Age offers a more cost-effective way to serve your customers. With the right software, your tenants can enjoy the conveniences of in-app services, and you can maintain more self-storage customers.