5 Tips for Increasing Your Self-Storage Facility Profits

Although plenty of people need a place to store their belongings, getting those folks to choose your facility can seem tricky. Competition is steep. Plus, legal and financial setbacks can damage your longevity. Here’s a look at some insider tips to help your facility get the exposure it needs to win new business and increase your self-storage facility profits.

1. Analyze Current Data 

For starters, it’s vital to know how well your current marketing strategy is working, which means you must measure marketing results. Consider figuring out how your customers find you (i.e., online search engines, referrals, Yellow Pages, and ads). What marketing funnel works the best as a sales lead? Data analysis is telling; you can learn a lot about your business. 

Furthermore, what do your customers honestly want, and are you giving that to them? What are your competitors doing differently? Take stock in your current data, and use it to your advantage. 

2. Master Your Brand 

Think about what’s special or memorable about your self-storage facility? Do you have a unique selling point that sets you above the rest? Many times, business owners focus solely on pricing, disregarding niche products or angles. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll likely discover organic specialties you offer customers. Consider highlighting those aspects of your business. Perhaps you have climate-controlled units that are scarce in your area. Or maybe you offer helpful in-app services. Avoid being shy about your best features. 

3. Recruit Marketing Help

There’s nothing simple about executing a successful marketing campaign. Sometimes trends shift overnight, and industry best practices change. Keeping up with all the new information is challenging. 

Instead of tackling your marketing efforts alone, consider hiring help. Marketing agencies and firms can strategize for you, even when you’re dealing with a shoestring budget. From digital strategies to networking freelancers to telling your business story, a marketing firm can help to increase your self-storage facility profits

4. Offer Unique Deals

We mentioned this point earlier; however, think about what you offer your current and potential customers. What kind of deals do you offer prospects? Do you have a rewards program?

Many self-storage facilities sell boxes, tape, and other storage products for their customers to use. Maximize your profits by offering package deals, such as sign up for automatic payments and get ten boxes free. Try to cater to the customers in your area and your unique business specialties. 

5. Encourage Referrals

How much business do referrals drum up for your self-storage facility? If the number is low, it’s time to think about pursuing this marketing strategy. Although it might take some time for it to pan out, it’s a multi-tiered marketing campaign that you can profit from for years to come. 

Referrals can come from former and current customers as well as employees. It’s about turning these individuals into strong advocates for your business. Plus, once you’ve found your rhythm, this campaign will continue to gain massive momentum.