10 Ways to Create a Safer Environment for Your Tenants

When people rent a storage unit, they want a safe and streamlined service to meet their needs. With some preparation, consistent maintenance, and mindfulness, self-storage operators can provide a safe environment for tenants. This reduces the liabilities from lawsuits that are related to personal injury and negligent property. In turn, storage units can see crime reduction, enjoy better reviews, and maintain a good reputation for long-lasting success. 

So what are some ways to create a safe environment for your storage unit tenants? Here are some of top methods a storage facility can use to create the best environment for everyone:

  1. Routinely inspect railings and ramps — Infrastructure failure is a surprisingly common cause of on-site injuries. Thankfully, by doing preventative maintenance on essential structural components like railings and ramps, you can make sure they don’t break and injure your customers. 
  2. De-ice and treat your pavement in winter weather — Slipping on icy ramps, roads, and walkways are another common cause of injury. Make sure you stay on top of this potential problem by pre-treating these areas before a major winter storm or an overnight freeze. 
  3. Maintain all storage units properly— Proper maintenance, such as rolling up doors, servicing the HVAC regularly (for air-conditioned units), and lubricating door hinges can prevent premature wear and tear from rust and other weather-related hazards. 
  4. Install video surveillance — A top-quality security system will not only deter thieves and trespassers but will also give your customers greater confidence in renting from your unit. Make sure to install motion sensors for sensitive areas and keep these areas visible for surveillance cameras to catch footage.
  5. Upgrade lighting— For your security system to work, proper outdoor lighting is necessary. If customers can access their belongings 24/7, it’s your responsibility to keep these areas highly visible around the clock. 
  6. Keep floors clean — Slick floors can lead to slips and injuries, so make sure that your facility has clean floors that provide excellent traction at all times. 
  7. Clear corridors — Injuries can also come from accidents related to clutter and blockages in corridors. Take away any chance of this happening by keeping all pathways clear. 
  8. Hire security — The presence of security guards can provide a great sense of relief for customers and discourage thieves from entering your storage unit business. This is an excellent investment for your business.
  9. Offer free Wi-Fi — Complimentary Wi-Fi isn’t just a convenience for tenants, but it also makes it possible to confidently make phone calls or share their location even when cell phone data runs low. 
  10. Ban firearms on premises — Tenants will feel more secure when they know that firearms are not allowed at the storage unit. This extra peace of mind can give them the confidence to choose your business and get a longer lease too.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Tenants

These 10 quick tips will help you create a consistently safe and enjoyable place to store belongings. If you have any more ideas about making your storage unit business safer, share them with us today.